Monday, December 7, 2009

the 10lb life changer

I'm guessing on the weight since it's been a few weeks since the last weigh in, but here she is!

Ramona Sabine Wray Dworkin was born on Ocotber 25th at 9:25pm. It was quite an ordeal, which I won't go into here (visit the baby blog for that saga) but I'll just say that it was 2 days of waiting, contracting, and screaming for drugs. Here are some "Egyptian" details from the experience...
*Ira had to go to the hospital and reserve a room the day before (I was induced)
*we stayed in a suite where they brought a fruit bowl each day
*nurses that don't speak English
*baby girls get their ears pierced at birth, therefore everyone thought she was a boy (and still do)
*you have to pay for all the services up front
I'm sure there are other things that I'm either forgetting or blocking out, but those are some highlights. It was really fine all around. She's perfect and lovely and we are loving every minute of parenthood.
That being said, please forgive my long absence from the blogs and thank you (most of you) for not harassing me too much about it. I am back! I can't promise regular postings, but when I get a moment where there's a nap that I'm not participating in, I'll be posting. Although, as promised when I found out I was pregnant, all baby blabber will be reserved for the other blog. Also, I'm planning on posting crafting, knitting, and sewing on that blog. So if that's your thing, check it out.
We leave in 2 weeks for our trip home for the holidays, can't wait!