Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here I am!

Yes, yes, I know. Almost a month, I know. Well, I'm back and with a darn good explanation of why I've been a blog slacker. There has been something else VERY important taking up my brain space (Among other things) Something teeny tiny and enormous at the same time. Something that is making me sleepy, hungry, grumpy, queasy, panicked, happy, scared, delighted, and a little...chubby. Ok, if you haven't figured it out by now you either need a good nights sleep or an anvil to drop on your head Bugs Bunny style. I'M PREGNANT! About 8 weeks. I've been pretty preoccupied and to be honest writing about anything else would have made me feel like a faker. This is the most important thing to happen, probably since we've moved here and I couldn't very well act like nothing was going on. I'm just not built that way. Yes, I feel ok. Like I said tired and queasy from time to time but I know a lot of women have it way worse than I do so I don't feel right about complaining, not yet anyway. We went to the doctor this week for a 2nd ultrasound (first one showed the sac but no baby) this one was far more exciting! We saw the baby (Ira already says it looks like him) and we saw the heartbeat. Just a little teeny flashlight but it was still pretty awesome. I know inquiring minds want to know things so here it goes
I am due Ocotber 13th, my birthday
I'm not showing yet, but my pants don't fit
Yes, I will be having the baby in Egypt
Yes, they have real doctors and hospitals here
Yes, I will still be coming home this summer (beginning of June through the beginning of August)
Those are all the pressing things I can think of right now. If there are other questions I will do my best to answer. As I've said before, this WILL NOT become a baby blog, however, I will be writing from time to time about the pregnancy here in Egypt because I know it is a different experience and I want everyone to know that I am safe and well looked after (especially by Ira) My doctor's name is Mai Hobrok. She is Egyptian and very proper. I like her a lot and she seems to be pretty attached to us already.
In other friend Laurie is coming! In three weeks! She'll be here for a week at the end of March and I can't wait. We have lots of great things planned...stay tuned.
We're still planning the Greece trip. The plane tickets are purchased but we've hit a little snag with the apartment rental. The trip is scheduled for the 10th-20th of April.
We had dinner at the Dean's house on thursday night and went to our first Egyptian wedding yesterday. Although, we were told repeatedly by other (Egyptian) guests that it wasn't a "real" Egyptian wedding. I guess because it was during the day and it was (what I would consider) and nice sort of American wedding. It was lovely no matter what you called it!
Ira went on a palace tour downtown, I had to skip it because I made the mistake of taking my prenatal vitamin right before we had to go and I got sick. Ira said it was nice, I'm sure he'll blog about it eventually...Not much planned for this week, just teaching which is going well. My Sunday/Tuesday class is getting very big. It's a lot of fun. Well, I hope this super long update makes everyone happy for a little while. I'll do my best to be more consistent. Have a good week!


Christy said...

Congratulations! Yay! I'm so excited for you!

Hodhod said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog now. It's a nice one.