Monday, March 9, 2009

Indiana Jones and Lost

We went on an AUC trip to some archeological sites on Saturday. They were pretty great, the best part was one of the statues was on Lost this week!! I had heard that this season was going to have lots of Ancient Egypt references, but this is great! Also we heard a story about a man named Horace in ancient Egypt. If you don't watch Lost, sorry, but if you do how cool is that?! AND remember Hurley was doing a watercolor of the Sphinx and the pyramids last week?? I've got all the ins and outs! Oh, and the place where we were was the place where Indiana Jones discovered the Lost Ark in the movie. Not as exciting to me, sorry. Enjoy the slideshow! It's probably best viewed at a larger size, there are lots of great details that are missed in the small version.

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Heather said...

How can you not be excited to walk on the same hallowed ground on which Indiana Jones tread?!
On another note, I obviously have not been watching Lost this season. But I'm having fun making up scenarios that could explain how all of this Egypt stuff is happening!