Monday, June 8, 2009

Swine Flu

Oh yes, just what I wanted to hear 5 days before leaving. The Swine Flu is here and it has hit close to home (sort of). 2 AUC students who arrived from America last week have it, and it's suspected that at least one other student has it as well. The good news is, Amanda has the week off so I'll get to see a lot of her before I leave (and spend extra time at the pool, which my ever swelling feet can use). The bad news is that Ira isn't allowed on campus which means some unresolved insurance issues before we leave as well as inconveniences like not being able to print things, go to the bank, and get my brother an AUC t-shirt : ) Oh well...I'm happy that Ira and I will get to spend extra time together since we won't see each other for a month after Saturday :( But that means that I am less motivated than I already am to start packing and organizing the flat! I shouldn't be complaining when the poor AUC kids are quarantined in their dorm! I just hope it was an isolated incident and everyone is ok...

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J said...

The Ministry of Health has confirmed 5 new cases of H1N1 virus in AUC Dorm in Zamalek :(

Please don't get sick. Take your vitamins :) This flu is very bad for unborn children; it has been causing many stillbirths in Canada and the U.S. Otherwise, it is not so bad - everyone recovers from it like a normal flu and the symptoms are really no worse.

You should not go near AUC or anyone else who is sick because its spreads rather quickly. Have a happy week at home :)