Monday, February 22, 2010

yoga, scones, and headbands

If I were to fill out a questionnaire and it asked for "hobbies" I would say; crafting, baking, and yoga. Although, yoga is a little deeper than a hobby...but that's a whole other blog entry. Anyway, those are the things that, when I do them, I feel peaceful, happy, energized, and maybe even like I'm contributing something. I strive to do at least one of these things everyday. It's been harder since I am on a 4 month old's schedule now (yes, she's FOUR MONTHS!) but I try. It's been good lately though. She's on a good sleep schedule for now and I've been able to do "me" things a bit more often.
Last night I made these scones. Oh. my. stars. Stop reading this blog and make them RIGHT NOW! They were phenomenal. That may be a bit dramatic when I'm talking about baked goods. But wow. They were so light. And that's not very scone-like behavior. I used some of the last of the dried cranberries we brought back last month from the States, I also added a good bit of lemon zest. They were gone in less than 24 hours.
I wake up early most mornings, and then my amazing husband takes the baby for a few hours until he has to leave around 9:30. I typically spend that time sleeping. Either because I was up late, or because I have a full day of mama-ing ahead of me and I want to rest up. But this morning I was awake around 6:30 or so and I stayed up. I could have gone back to bed, but I decided to get in a quick yoga practice in before Ira had to leave. It was pretty brief, but it felt great. It's taken me a while to get back in my yoga grove since the baby was born. Fatigue, travel, irregular schedules, etc. make it difficult to find time for anything consistent. But today I decided to forget about that and just practice.
After that, I sat down at the sewing machine and made 2 headbands that I had been thinking about doing for weeks. One was using material I had from an Amy Butler fat quarter bundle I got at Spool in Philly last month. Kinda cute, right? And the other was 2 toddler headbands from the Gap that I chopped up and sewed back together so Ramona and I can, well, match. She has a dress in the same material. I promise, I'll only torture her until she's like 2.
I went on to have a really great day, and even banged out some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies during afternoon nap! Not all days are like this, but the ones that are are pretty great.

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