Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Up late...again...

I have never in my life had a hard time falling asleep. I can sleep anywhere, anytime. In college, I bought a special watch with an alarm so I could sleep between classes, in public! I didn't care. I have always been able to nod off as soon as my head hit the pillow, or my book bag, whatever the case may be. Now of course I've had the occasional too-late-espresso or first-day-at-a-new-job nerves that have kept me up, but something about Egypt...I just can't get to sleep before 2 or 3 am no matter how hard I try. I very rarely drink caffeine anymore, I exercise, the bed is increasingly comfortable (thanks to some purchases at & Co.) but I just can't sleep! We live on a fairly quiet street, but you can still hear strange noises like dogs barking at weird hours and airplanes (lots of flights land late at night here) not to mention the honking horns and occasional yelling. And although I've gotten used to the call to prayer throughout the day it never fails to jolt me from sleep. I should probably start going to bed earlier, but I don't get home from teaching yoga until after 9:00 and we try to have some semblance of a dinner and hang out for a little bit. Not to mention it's a good time to chat with friends and family in the States. So what's a girl to do??? No seriously, I'm asking. If ANYONE has an advice, please, I'd love to hear it. The silver lining in all of this? I won't have any trouble staying up to watch OBAMA make his victory speech a week from now!! The rest of the week will be a disaster, but that's ok, I'll lose sleep so my grandkids can have a good story.


Robert Wray said...


All you have to do is Skype me and I'll sing you a lullaby (you know the one!).

It was hard to get you to sleep as a baby. I'm sure it will pass in time.



Laurie said...

Oh Bob! you are so sweet to Jenna. Are you trying to make everyone on this blog cry? Jenna- I would not recommend drinking tea that is designed to help you sleep before bed. I have some "Get some zzzzz's" tea and I swear that when I drink it before bed, it keeps me awake AND I have to pee!

Lauren said...

Here's what I do when I can't sleep, and I could only say this to you...I do primary series in my head. Seriously! I think to myself "inhale, reach up, exhale forward bend..." and envision myself doing it. I'm asleep before I finish Suryanamaskar B...usually. Sometimes on a rough night I'll make it to standing poses. Try it!

And Bob, I'm with Laurie about making us cry! The mental picture of you Skyping a lullaby is too sweet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks gang. We all love Jenna. It was just a sweet memory that I thought might help. She was so funny. I would sing the song and pat her back, then gradually lower the volume hoping to put her down. I'd tiptoe out of the room and she would jump up and say, "Playmate!". Ugh. No sleep for Dad tonight.

Someday maybe I can do it again for another little one. It's funny what you remember.


Daddy Bob