Thursday, January 29, 2009

How I spent my winter vacation

Long plane ride. Got caught in the rain in NYC with 3 suitcases, no umbrella, no coat, and no clue what I was doing. 3 hour train ride in wet clothes. Dad, Lauren, and Heather at the train station. Pep Grill is closed, what?! Pizza at Heather's. Stayed at Dad's. Great sleep. Breakfast with Heather and Lauren. Starbucks. Yarn Garden with Heather. Knit Ira's holiday gifts so he'd be warm. Manicure and Pedicure to get the Cairo off my feet. Connor's new school. Dinner with Kate. Pep with Kate, Heather, and Walter. Heather and the Mad Elf AKA the one night stand that went horribly wrong : ). Shopped. Met Jack. Fell in love with Jack. Missed Ira. LuLu Mae. Starbucks. Had a blast with Kelly and Laurie in D.C. Drove in the snow. And drove. And drove. Drove 3,000 miles in 6 weeks. Happy to be back to yoga class. Ira came back, finally. Heather's it'snotapartyit'sjustdinner. Traditional giving of the gifts at Bangkok Wok with Lauren. Annual Christmas Eve lunch with Kelly at Confit. Gingerbread house with Connor and Ira. CHRISTMAS! Paul's breakfast. Aunt Barb's brunch. Nap. Uncle Dan's. Charades. D.C. for the Nutcracker, yay Laurie. Philly. "Hairspray". Eagles start winning because we're in the country. Facial. Made great food with my new Organic cookbook. Took the food to Ralph and Brandi's New Year's Eve party. Got two people to like beets who said they hated beets. Champagne of beers not so festive the next day. Saurkraut and mashed potatoes at mom's. Football. Brooklyn. Cara and Qui Que's. That freaking turtle. Happy Birthday Ira. Pillow for breakfast. Coffee with Chris. Ira's grandma passed away. Milk (Hello Oscar!!). Taco Crawl for Ira's birthday. Sushi and movie with Liz. Natalie. Philly. Funeral. Shiva. Jodi, Geoff, and Stuart. "Uncle WhyWah and Aunt Jenna". Golden Globes with Heather. Starbucks. Vermont. Inn at Baldwin Creek. Fireplaces. Breakfast. Cream of Garlic soup. Heaven. Yoga. More Shopping. Middlebury. Yoga. Christine. Yoga. Sore. Sore. Sore. Claw foot bathtub. Lavender bath syrup. powder blue down comforter. "Happy Go Lucky". -18. Snow. Drove. Threw frozen wine out the window. Missed Ira. What? We're leaving in a week? How did THAT happen? Slept in 7 different beds in six weeks. KOP Doylestown with Kate and Heather. Still more shopping. Domani Star. Missed Ira. Broad Street Market/Cornerstone with Kate. Sushi, movies, shopping, drinks, Obama concert with Laurie. Busboys and Poets. INAUGURATION!!! frozen feet. Ate a hot dog. Ira came back, finally. One last bash with the crew, one last Mad Elf. Macaroni and Cheese with Connor. Cried on the way home. Breakfast with dad and Heather. Cried a little on the train. I hate my luggage. I actually slept for more than 5 minutes on the plane. Happy to be staying in one place for a little while.


Laurie said...

What a wonderful way to chronicle your holiday vacation. what fun it was. good visits, not enough though. miss you :-)

Heather said...

I'll bet you could sell Mad Elf for even more than I paid at Scott's in Egypt!