Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The weather outside? SO not frightful in my opinion!

It SNOWED yesterday! So Santa must be reading my blog...I was down in D.C. visiting Kelly and Laurie when both of my parents started calling me to tell me that it was snowing and I should hurry home. I guess I am 16 again. The visit with the ladies (and the new little man!) was great, we ate and shopped and had a wonderful time. I headed home around 2:00, missed the GW Parkway turn (typical), took a ride around the Washington Monument (Look kids! Big Ben!) and then got back on the road home. It was fine at first, the roads were dry and then they got wet and then they got icy. I was fine, just stayed in my lane. But I did see a few cars that had run off the road! I came home to the winter wonderland that I've been dreaming about for the past few months. The trees are white and icy and beautiful. Kids got to go to school late and I am writing to you from the Panera Bread in Camp Hill, Pa where I am happily nestled in an armchair with a mug of coffee next to a fireplace. I have a pedicure in a couple of hours that will hopefully undo what four months of Cairo has done to my feet. I am a happy girl. But I miss Ira! Hurry home, husband!


Heather said...

Where are the photos?

Cairoyogi said...

Um, yeah. The batteries died in my camera. They'll be here next week so I'll take some then.

the Mama of the Peas said...

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Thanks Christy