Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today is a big day times three. First of all, it’s my mom’s birthday. I won’t tell you how old she is for fear of being disowned, but she’s old enough to have a 31 year old daughter and a second grandchild on the way, yet I am always met with disbelief that she’s old enough to be either. She teaches pilates and “Body Flow” (cross between pilates, tai chi, and yoga) and has private clients as well. She is fun, energetic, and always up for a party or a night on the town. When I was living in the states we would talk 5 times a day, usually the conversations would start with “You know that guy who’s on that show you like? Who is he married to again?” And somehow I know the “guy” and the “show” that she’s talking about. Now that we can’t have those conversations much anymore, they have turned into marathon Skype sessions. She has been so helpful and comforting during this pregnancy, especially in the beginning when I was worried about everything. I know she’ll do something fun and fabulous for her birthday. Have a great one, mom. Love you!

And then mom gets a double whammy (which she hates) because it's also Mother's Day. I guess she likes to have the two spread out to enjoy both. Anyway, this year I was at a loss for what to do about gifts. Not what to get, she's pretty easy in that department, but how to get it to her. You can't send packages from Egypt (or get them). So my first idea was to send something from Greece, I thought that would be fun. But then I had an even better, and more economicial, idea. While Laurie was here back in March we did a lot of shopping. So on our outings I kept my eye out for a birthday present and a mother's day present that she could take back with her, hand off to my dad, and then my dad could get it to my mom. Whew! And he did! Thanks Dad (and Laurie!) Since she already sent me an email thanking me for the gifts, I can tell you what I got her. For Mother's Day, I found this really cool candle holder, it's a brushed silver and looks like a bowl and there are tiny holes punched in it the whole way around. When lit, it has an amazing effect. And then for her birthday, I found a beautiful scarf that I know she loves, and a gold cuff bracelet that looks very "Egyptian". She seems to like everything and I can't wait to Skype later today and see them modeled! So there are many other women in my life that deserve honoring on this day. My sweet friend Kelly, because this is her first Mother's Day. My Aunt Barb, because she's always been like a 2nd mom to me. And Harriet, my mother in law, for being a great mother and raising my favorite guy. Which brings me to the third special thing about this day...

One year ago today I married the man of my dreams. We had the most perfect, simple, handmade wedding overlooking the river and mountains. My friend Heather and I spent months making tablecloths, blankets for the kids at the wedding to sit in the grass, handmade invitations, not to mention scouring craft stores and anywhere else we could think of to find fun unique touches to make this the best day of our lives. And it was. We had friends and loved ones come from 17 different states (and Japan!) we wrote the whole ceremony ourselves. We obtained a self uniting license, which meant we could have anyone marry us. So we decided to have Ira's sister Jodi, and my brother Connor (who was 13 at the time and did an AWESOME job) We had friends and family read parts of the ceremony and participate as much as possible. The food was awesome, catered from different places, including a Moroccan restaurant that we love. And there were cupcakes of course! We danced to "Knocks Me Off My Feet" by Stevie Wonder. My "best women" gave incredible speeches. Because the park would only let us stay until 8:00, and we knew we had to keep the party going, we moved on to our suite at the Hilton and danced, drank, and some even played cards, until the wee hours. So that was the wedding, but how is the marriage?? haha Even better. This has been a whirlwind year for both of us, but through the moving, the travel, the adjustments, there has been love, and happiness, and light, always. I love you Ira, and next year at this time we'll be celebrating with the new love of our lives. I can't wait.

Here are some pictures from our magical day. 1) The ceremony 2) singing to each other during our first dance 3) breaking it down! :)

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