Monday, June 9, 2008

The first goodbye...

So tonight I had to say goodbye to my favorite aunt. She is leaving for Cypress (she's amazing and getting her PhD in Art History and is going there for research) and won't be back before we depart for Cairo. Ira and I had dinner with her and her awesome husband John tonight. It was a lot of fun but as Aunt Barb and I were standing in the foyer of the restaurant it all felt very real for the first time. I didn't cry but I wanted to. Should I cry every time I want to? Or should I save it for the BIG goodbyes, if there are such things. Like my parents and best friends? I guess that's silly, but these are the weird things I think about!!!

My best friend Lauren (you'll hear a lot about her and our shananagins) and I had a lovely day lying by her parents pool yesterday. It was good to spend time with her just hanging out like we used to. She's having a really hard time with the thought of me leaving and it's been hard for us to talk about it. We have to decide what things we want to do before I leave. So far the list includes trying not to cry every time we see each other, going kayaking at Cunningham Falls State Park, eating dinner at Domani Star in Doylestown, and trying not to cry every time we see each other.

I don't want to suppress any feelings of sadness but I don't want to dwell on them either. Anyone have any brilliant advice?

The Sex and the City movie was awesome, and we snuck booze into the movie theater like we were 16 or something. Thanks Andi! Oh and Heather had to sit next to an old man and it creeped her out during the sex scenes, haha!

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Lauren said...

Ok, please add to your "to do" list-"trying not to make lauren cry in the process of talking about trying not to cry." thanks! also, I will try and refrain from commenting on every blog you post, but I make no promises. You know me, always a comment on something. love you!