Friday, August 15, 2008

Early morning laptop sessions

When people use the term "jetlag" you think that if you haven't been on a jet for a week or so, it shouldn't be an issue. I beg to differ. My friend Kathleen here in Cairo said something like "oh you'll be waking up in the middle of the night" I thought "that doesn't sound right". Usually when you have jetlag, or at least when I have in the past, you either can't sleep or you wake up early, right? Not here! Apparently, traveling here from the states causes major sleep issues for most people. Not my husband, which is kind of annoying...could he BE more adaptable??? Anyway, this heinous breed of jetlag involves going to bed a normal time, sleeping for anywhere from 2 to 5 hours and then waking up. Then, feeling tired again a few hours later and sleeping most of the day. Awesome. Let me tell you it does wonderful things for eating, interacting with other people, exploring foriegn lands, and just generally feeling like a productive human being. There is one saving grace in all of this. My laptop.

Those who know me, know that this whole computer thing is pretty funny. And bless Ira for having the foresight to say "no" when I innocently asked him "but can't I just use your laptop in Cairo?" We would be killing each other if we had to share! I think that most of my friends are pretty amazed that I can turn this thing on let alone "blog" and "upload photos". But this damn thing has become my best friend. Mainly because it lets me "talk" to my best friends! Skype, or Gmail, whatever, I am addicted to staying in touch with everyone I love. If I wake up at 5 in the morning I am secretly excited because there is a chance that someone will still be awake over there for me to talk to! And if I wake up at 6 in the morning that means that I will keep clicking "Refresh" on the New York Times website to see if Michael Phelps won any more gold medals. And then on the flipside, when I finally wake up mid-afternoon my friends are bored at work and I am the welcome distraction! I know this can't go on forever, but until my body gets adjusted (which I've heard can take up to an astonishing THREE WEEKS!) I will be happy to stumble out of the bedroom, down the hall, to my shiny blue friend waiting for me on the couch.


Lauren said...

I feel bad that you're so jet-lagged, but I love it because I get to talk to you a lot. Somehow I have a feeling that the friends "bored at work" comment was directed at me, haha. But it does work out perfectly that you're waking up when it's slow afternoon time for me over here. Don't worry, pretty soon you'll be out taking the city by storm! love you.

Laurie said...

Bored at work is me too! well actually more like I can't resist that little green gmail dot by Jenna's name!! I can't resist it even when I'm not bored and I'm supposed to be doing something else :-) just got my photos from kodak easy share! Aw you guys were even more beautiful than I remember :-)