Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Garden Party

Hey, this will be a quick one I just wanted to put up a picture of the garden party from last night. It was incredible! We pulled up to the house and it looked like they were set up for a wedding or something in the backyard! There were at least a dozen tables set up with white tablecloths, waiters walking around with trays of food and drinks, and there was a big beautiful buffet set up in the corner of the garden. The property was amazing. The house was pretty, but the grounds! Maadi is a very green neighborhood, but this place made the rest of it seem barren! We sat with Behar, Villi, Amy, Leonard, Amy, Aras, and Katrina who we met last night. The food was awesome, and I even had some half decent wine, which I thought I would have to wait to have til we got back to the States. It was the coolest night that we've had so far, breezy and lovely. And being in that garden made the night seem almost magical. It was the perfect way to end our week of orientation.

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Laurie said...

The garden party does sound magical and exotic. Maybe everything sounds magical to me right now because the 5 japanese girls, the one aussie, the two south africans, one spaniard and another japanese kid are all downstairs watching the ballet Cinderella. Anyway, I know what you are saying about the shipment. I felt the same way when I came here and got to open my stuff after not having it for two months!